Brimrose Technology Research Team Tackles Covid-19 with New DLA Grant

Sparks, MD—Brimrose Technology’s formidable research team is now focusing its efforts on suppressing the Covid-19 virus as part of a new contract it has received with Defense Logistics Agency Research and Development (DLA). The title of the winning Phase 1 SBIR proposal is “Rapid Viral Pandemic Suppression with Molecular Affinity Development.”

Brimrose received the award at a special DLA ceremony known as Collider Day. (See photo below). The purpose of the event and the awards provided is to embrace unique solutions to build important partnerships within the limitations of the ongoing pandemic. More than 500 attendees from DLA, other components of the U.S. Department of Defense, other government organizations, industry and academia attended the virtual event.

Vice Admiral Michelle Skubic (right). Director of the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, holds the Brimrose certificate with logo as the winning award is announced at the recent Collider Day event. Roxanne Banks (left), DLA deputy director of acquisition, announces the award. (Photo Courtesy Defense Logistics Agency).

The Brimrose team is being headed by experienced research scientist Dr. Yingyun Liu.

“This project will develop a platform and protocol to rapidly identify and prepare materials and methods for the suppression of a viral pandemic after the virus has been identified and sequenced,” said Dr. Liu. “The project will focus on the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the platform can apply to future viral pandemics.”

Using the platform the Brimrose Technology team is proposing, pandemics can be suppressed with at least two of the four venues: diagnostics, surveillance, vaccines, and therapeutics.

For additional information about the award or Brimrose Technology, please contact David Chaffee at

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