Improving quality, efficiency, and chemical process economics using HyperFlux™ PRO Plus real-time reaction monitoring

Chemical production and processing is an essential part of modern life and the foundation of numerous industries including pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food & beverage, specialty chemical, and bioprocessing. Continuous in-line real-time measurements can ensure quality, improve efficiency, and enhance economy compared to off-line testing of samples extracted from a process. However, in-line real-time measurements can be challenging to obtain with enough speed and accuracy to be useful. The superior performance of Tornado Spectral System’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman spectroscopy system helps overcome these limitations, making it an ideal solution for chemical reaction monitoring in production line and laboratory settings. In this application note, a major pharmaceutical company needed to monitor the conversion of benzoic anhydride to the corresponding ester. We present how Tornado’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus provided a fast and accurate monitoring tool to confirm reaction quality and optimize reaction timing.

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