AOTF-NIR Spectrometers

Luminar 5030 Miniature Hand-Held AOTF-NIR Analyzer

The extremely popular Brimrose solid-state Luminar 5030 is a miniature, hand-held AOTF-NIR analyzer. This portable platform does an exceptional job when conducting non-destructive and contact/non-contact analytical testing and inspection.

The Luminar 5030 is very versatile, able to be used in the lab, on the production floor and in the field. This unit delivers rapid, multi-component analysis for a wide variety of applications. These include diffuse reflectance measurements of powders, pellets, grapes, olives, suspensions, moving films and many more solid products.

Luminar 4030 Miniature Free Space Process AOTF-NIR Analyzer

The popular Luminar 4030 analyzer with miniaturized electronics can be directly connected into the production line for non-contact, non-destructive measurements of chemical and physical properties of powders, solids, suspensions, gels, etc, in diffuse reflectance mode. It can be fan-cooled or vortex-cooled with internal heat exchanger.

The Luminar 4030’s rugged design and solid-state technology offer a variety of solutions for real-time process applications. This versatile instrument can also be placed into a vast variety of housings to match process area needs.

Luminar 7030-IP55 Miniature Free Space Process Analyzer

The Luminar 7030-IP55 Miniature Stainless-Steel Free Space Process AOTF-NIR analyzer is built to be installed directly into the production line. The unit’s miniature size allows for implementation where space is tight, such as in small blenders, vacuum dryers, pipes, fluid beds, etc.

This high-speed unit is based on diffuse reflectance optics and can be integrated into a vast variety of housings. The unit is a fully IP55 water tight – dust tight enclosure.

Luminar 3076 "SeedMeister" AOTF-NIR Analyzer

Brimrose’s Luminar 3076, its well-known “SeedMeister” Analyzer, has been developed for high-speed discrimination, quantification and sorting of hybrid seeds, nuts and beans which include but are not limited to corn, soybeans, coffee, watermelon, peanuts and sunflower.
The system is capable of sorting up to 40 individual seeds per minute. Important information on characteristics of the seed, such as oil, protein, starch, moisture, and low and high oleic contents can be measured at the same time.

The Luminar 3076 has helped numerous customers with the fast development of new genetic products. The SeedMeister allows the customer to place new hybrid products on the market at a fraction of the time and cost of other processes.

Luminar 4070 Free Space AOTF-NIR Analyzer

The Luminar 4070 is a new Brimrose spectrometer that offers advantages in size and power consumption. The Luminar 4070 is seen being a good fit for a variety of different applications.
The Luminar 4070 includes other modern conveniences, including touch screen display. The Luminar 4070 is compatible with our SNAP32 software and features new software that has a graphic, touchscreen interface, and is capable of stand-alone operation.

The Luminar 4070 analyzer has a number of potential uses such as non-contact, non-destructive measurements of chemical and physical properties of powders, solids, gels, etc, in diffuse reflectance mode. The Luminar 4070 comes with a variety of options and can be fitted with several different accessories.

Luminar 3060 AOTF-NIR Process Analyzers with Built-in Multiplexer

Brimrose solid-state AOTF-NIR Process Analyzers with Built-in Multiplexer have proven to be the leading process spectroscopy technology for industrial plant monitoring and control. Up to 16 sample streams can be analyzed, monitored, and controlled with the speed of light to ensure real-time, in process quality control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Brimrose’s patented multiplexer technology couples unmatched repeatability with minimized insertion loss to produce a system performance of outstanding quality while achieving signal-to-noise ratios which only full light transmission analyzers can perform. A wide variety of process interfaces including fiber-optic probes and flow cells allow Bimrose to implement successful solutions in many different industries.