Raman Spectrometers

HyperFlux™ Raman Analyzer

Tornado’s HyperFlux™ PRO Plus is a complete Raman spectroscopy system including a proprietary HTVS™ -enabled spectrometer which is readily deployed in in-line process, manufacturing, and laboratory settings.

The PRO Plus is compatible with a broad range of probes, chemometric software packages, and hazardous environment configurations.

Process Guardian Raman™ Spectrometer

High-resolution standalone Raman spectrometer for real-time process measurements and control

– In-line results in seconds
– Superior measurement performance
– Greater than 10X photon throughput

SuperFlux™ Raman Analyzer

High Throughput Raman in a smaller package

– Built on the same revolutionary HTVS technology
– Compact Desktop Size of 12lbs only
– High sensitivity, low detection limits

OPIS 35 ATEX Laser Accessory

Tornado’s OPIS 35 is a high-performance, compact, lightweight, and durable laser safety accessory for the HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman analyzer.

The unique design enables simple attachment to the PRO Plus allowing high accuracy measurements even at low laser power settings and ensures full compliance for an ATEX Zone 0 explosive environment.

Hudson 785 Non-Contact Raman Probe

For ultimate versatility, speed, and sensitivity, Tornado’s Hudson 785 non-contact Raman probes feature a high-performance optical interface which enables even the most demanding process or lab applications.

Its rugged and robust construction allows for superior representative sampling and measurement reproducibility for a wide range of applications including solids, slurries, powders, and heterogeneous mixtures.

SpectroPort Raman Probe

Tornado’s SpectroPort Raman Probe is a high-performance sampling device intended for Raman in-line process monitoring of liquid samples in a Sartorius Ambr™ or Biostat STR® system. 

SpectralSoft Software

Maintaining data integrity and operational security is paramount for regulated industries. SpectralSoft empowers the user and provides many options for the most demanding process Raman applications.


PEAXACT is an interactive chemometrics software for the creation of models (methods) for the quantitative multivariate analysis of Raman spectra.

AOTF-NIR Spectrometers


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